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Bircher Porridge

Blood orange bircher porridge

Porridge is almost a British institution…you associate it with British culture (especially if you live on the island like me:) ), but in actual fact it is present in other menus (US, Thailand with the savoury porridge called jok).

It’s an incredibly nutritious breakfast. Usually made out of oats (however you can make it out of other grains like quinoa, millet, amaranth, etc) which contain multiple nutrients (like potassium which regulates blood pressure, hormone and water balance or magnesium which helps with the DNA repair) as well as a water soluble fibre that plays a role in reducing “unhealthy” cholesterol and prevents spikes in blood sugar levels making it a perfect meal for people suffering from diabetes. Oats are easy to digest and useful to relieve upset stomach.

Blueberry sauce bircher porridge

 Ingredients (makes 1)
4 heap tbsp or ½ a cup of oats (if you are cealic choose gluten free)
1 cup of almond milk
1 grated organic apple
Cinnamon or 2 small pieces of 85% dark chocolate (depending if you want cinnamon or chocolate flavour)
Toppings (choose as many as you want)
Frozen organic berries
Bee pollen
Lemon or orange peel (from an organic citrus fruit)
Cocoa nibs
Orange slice
Almond butter

Put 4 tbsp of oats into a pan and pour over the almond milk. As a rule of thumb you want to have a 1:2 ratio of dry to liquid. Bring the mixture to a simmer and mix the mixture continuously. Porridge needs to be treated gently and with care in order to be creamy and fluffy. It’s very similar to making a risotto. Try not to bring it to boil as this will evaporate the milk and the oats will still be hard and clumpy. Don’t worry you will not have to slave over the hob as the porridge should be ready in around 3 min. A tip to check it’s done: the porridge should drop of a spoon rather than sticking to it completely.

Take the mixture of the heat and mix in the grated apple and cinnamon or the chocolate if you want a more indulging full of antioxidants as well. Mix until all is combined well.

Add your toppings and go wild! Be creative! As a rule I would just keep to 1 fruit topping so you don’t get overdose flavour.

Bircher porridge flavours


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