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I am back!!!

Trip to wedding of the year

After embarking on the holiday of my lifetime…crossing a total of 7 countries, sampling some amazing food along the way, being amazed by the freshness of the ingredients I came across…I am now back and looking forward to share some more amazing recipes.

As some of you know during this holiday I ended up getting married in one of my favourite counties in the world Italy…amazing places, amazing food and amazing people! We decided to drive to Italy and therefore we had the amazing opportunity to drive through France and sample some amazing champagne bang in the village where this magical drink was born, then sample some amazing food in Burgundy region and finished with some niçoise classics. Obviously Italy has not disappointed with food and dare I say wine (I had a lot of cheat days 😉 ). What impressed me the most (although not first time in Italy) was the freshness and the flavour of fresh food…they really do take seasonality very seriously there:).

The trip gave me some inspiration for delicious recipes which I will share with you in the couple of weeks. This week I will be sharing 2 RECIPES (yes I am pushing myself:)) so keep checking! Toodledo xxx

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The Mojo Smoothie

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I need to make a confession….I LOVE avocado…if I could have avocado every day, 3 times a day I would…I have experimented with including it in a smoothie and I must say the end outcome is delish! The Mojo Smoothie helps in lubricating the joints, reducing the high blood pressure but also boos fertility (hence the name ;)) due to the monosatured oils in avocado.

What do you need: Continue Reading…


Detox – First step to a healthy, glowing self


I was mentioning in The Organic Cookery Principles (check the tab at the top) the first step for us to achieve a healthy body is to ensure we detoxify it; also one of the reasons why some of us are not able to get rid of that excess weight is the fact that we have fatigued our body through a lot of unhealthy habits, poor nutrition, stress and pollution. In my quest to achieve a healthy lifestyle one of the considerations was to get fitter. After changing my diet and introducing a fairly rigorous exercise plan I was not seeing the results of my hard work. I then read about detoxifying your body, how this can help and everything changed. With a few tips that I will show next I could start to see that my body was not against me but was responding to the new healthy regime. Continue Reading…