Hello food lovers! Welcome to The Organic Cookery blog. Finally after a long year I have managed to put down my knowledge and thoughts about food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in one place. Whilst some of my experiences to get healthy were a bit more serious I promise I will make it fun :). I hope you will find the information useful and will give you the ability, knowhow and desire to lead a healthy life style. What I have learned so far it surely changed the way I feel about food, but my learning curve has not stopped and I am not yet exactly where I want to be with my body but I know I will get there.

Tell me a bit about yourself
Romanian living in London, having a normal job like most people, who was used to (to my childhood disappointment) eat food grown in a possibly organic garden (possibly because the concept of organic in my home country was not known and most people grew their vegetables in their garden using little or no harmful chemicals and then sell in markets). I used to hate the weekly shops to the market and even more so when my parents started their own garden and rebelled against the fact that we were not modern and in line with other people who discovered supermarkets and manufactured food. Possible like other young girls I was never happy with the way I looked and was most of my life on the chubby side (some people would call it curvaceous). The only time I was happy was during my teenage years when I was svelte 🙂 very likely as a consequence of finding my love for ballroom dancing and training hard as well as body changes going into teenage hood. That period soon ended when I stopped training to focus on studying in uni and replaced the love for ballroom for the occasional fast food take away (oh yes! I was tempted by the evil 🙂 ). Since then I have been on the quest of achieving my perfect body. I became more serious about it about 5 years ago when I started a standard high protein, low carbohydrate no sugar meal plan (3 main meals and 2 snacks) combined with weight training 3 times a week. This new way of eating and exercising had some effects on my body but not as dramatic as I thought considering the big changes I made to my lifestyle (for sure it did not give me the body of “after” pictures that you usually are bombarded with on social media and tabloid newspapers). The feeling was of frustration as I was so determined to change the way I looked and I was doing everything by the book but no results! I was soooo craving those cakes I was not allowed to eat it was painful! After 2 years of slow progress (I mean I probably lost 2 kg and my body composition has not changed much) I decided to turn to CLA’s and laser liposuction (please don’t laugh 🙂 ) which did not help either. Moreover I got very ill with episodic abdominal pains which doctors had put under IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The challenge was that the doctors had no idea what was causing it and also no clear direction on how to prevent the episodes. I still felt that having a healthy lifestyle was important long term but my attitude definitely had to change. So, this is when I discovered what meant to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating organic, alkalising you body and learning to love myself! I will explain more about these in my “The Organic Cookery principles” so check that page out.

How did you get into cooking?
Coming from Romania and being born in (oh gosh!) the 80′ my mum “trained” me very well to become a house wife so cooking (and baking) was something that I was involved since I was quite little (also heavily participated in the licking the leftover chocolate of the bowls – please note I said BOWLS!! 🙂 ). So I was always a foodie, however since I started by healthy journey I started to love food even more as I know not only it’s nutritional values but also it’s healing properties! But eating healthy food does not mean you need to compromise on TASTE! If ain’t tasting good it ain’t worth eating it! Eat well, live well and healthy, but eat tasty food! With the recipes on The Organic Cookery I hope to show this:).

How did you learn about nutrition?
I don’t have a qualification in nutrition, however since I started my healthy journey I have read A LOT about it and the effects of food on our bodies. I do not claim to be an expert but I am sharing my personal journey and my reflections coupled with some science to show the logic behind why we should be eating in a certain one. I will try to be fairly objective and show the bigger picture but I will always have my opinion based on the personal experience. If it resonates with you and you feel you are going through the same thing them I hope some of my posts will help! Would be great to hear your own experiences so please do share!

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