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Flourless chocolate and orange beetroot cake

Gluten free chocolate beetroot cake

The inspiration for this week’s post comes from the fact that I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend…whop whop! And birthday means birthday cake and what I cake I have for you. It’s a beetroot cake! This birthday it’s a bit of a milestone for both me and my one and only but at least I am not moving age bracket…you know…the one you need to tick when you declare your age in surveys for example..muhahaha.

So what better way to celebrate than bake a cake! I must confess…I am not just a foodie…but I also LOVE bakes and sweets. Now, you will turn around and possibly tell me off for saying this. But, knowing how toxic refined sugar is (if you still don’t know check my older post S stands for Sugar to find out why), the challenge I am always giving myself is what recipes can I come up with that are not completely nutritionally deprived. Also, in the same time…even though the recipes I come up with are much better than your conventional high fat, high sugar, white flour desserts I still treat them as a…treat:). So please do indulge in these amazing dessert recipes but in moderation.

So why is this beetroot cake better than a normal cake? Continue Reading…